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While working with PLC , it is difficult to Design the terminal drawing for different PLC’s .

This technical tips helps you to create new PLC into the library and how easily can create and use the PLC circuit .

  1. Adding new manufacturer part in library Ribbon menu -> click Library Manufacturer parts manager.
  2. Manufacture parts manager window will appear as above, To create new PLC part Click Add part, Part properties window will open as below.
  3. After adding the Part Number, Manufacturer Name, Root Mark, Descriptions & Dimensions and Click Add under circuit to create corresponding circuit(i/o details) as below.
  4. Click OK button.
  5. Adding PLC in Project Right click Location you want to place PLC, click New PLC part.
  6. Select New PLC from Manufacture Part Manager Window
  7. Inserting PLC in Schematic : Right click PLC N1 -> Insert PLC and simply place the circuit in schematic.

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