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Appling Mates to Constrain Path with SOLIDWORKS Path Mate

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A Path mate constrains a selected point on a component to a path. You define the path by selecting one or more entities in the assembly. You can define pitch, yaw, and roll of the component as it travels along the path.
To perform Path Mate option, we require a Path which can be created using 3D Sketch.

You can get Path Mate option in Mate > Advance mate > Path Mate.
Once you start working on Path mate select the component in component vertex column and select path in path Section column, as they get selected click on ok.

This is how it looks like once you select Component and Path. The component and path both get mated.

Now you can hold and drag your component as the component will move only on the path what we had designed.

Here we complete Path Mate.

Now Let’s see how SOLIDWORKS Linear/Linear Coupler mate will help

You can get Linear Coupler mate option in Mate > Advance mate > Linear/Linear Coupler mate.
Note: Here in my example I am deleting symmetry mate so that it should not affect while performing Linear coupler mate.

Select the Linear / Linear Coupler mate option

Once the selection is done click ok.

Once you drag your first component the other component will move in the ratio of 1:3 since we had applied the ratio of 3, Here we complete Linear Coupler.

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