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Understanding dynamic analysis time step is difficult? Not anymore!!

Understanding dynamic analysis time step is difficult? Not anymore!! • Run the frequency analysis • Duration of analysis is determined by the inclusion of the sufficient peak response oscillations. The analysis duration is smaller for higher frequency response than low-frequency response oscillations are expected For example, to include time step If your frequency is fhighest= Read More +

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How to use the SOLIDWORKS Belt/Chain Assembly Feature to control a Chain

However in order for the chain beginning and end to visually appear to line up, the path length must be correct so the number of chain links matchup. Otherwise there will be a gap if you have too few links, or overlap if you add an extra one. Bad fit for the chain Using the Read More +

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Fix your sketch with Repair Sketch

you can also find it under Tools > Sketch Tools > Repair Sketch. How to Repair a sketch? Example: let us consider the given Sketch when we create a new Extruded Boss feature with this sketch, we notice that no preview is shown: Also, in the Boss-Extrude FeatureManager, the Selected Contours box is automatically selected. Read More +

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Where are the hidden settings for the display of SOLIDWORKS Cosmetic Threads?

PROBLEM Sometimes you are unable to display cosmetic threads as intended in your drawings or assemblies. Given the difficulty that can ensue with the display of this annotation feature, many give up and elect to avoid using SOLIDWORKS cosmetic threads altogether. This article will help you to locate each of the four SOLIDWORKS Cosmetic Thread Read More +

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My Thoughts on Innovation Day

Every year, in November, Dassault Systemes organizes a worldwide event called the Innovation Day. This is an occasion for us to celebrate innovation and creativity within the SolidWorks ecosystem. It is also timed to coincide with the new release of SolidWorks.   The SolidWorks family includes our principals Dassault Systemes, their customers, third-party developers and Read More +

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What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2018

Catch up on All That’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2018 The true measure of a Great Product is – Great Designs – Get Built. SOLIDWORKS® makes it easier than ever to design and create. SOLIDWORKS 2018 includes new features and enhancements that respond directly to user requests and the needs of 21st century product development. Work Read More +

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Trend Tracker

Trend Tracker: A tool to monitor the effects of design changes during validation. SOLIDWORKS Simulation is a tool which helps you simulate your product in real life working condition. The best part about SOLIDWORKS Simulation is its integration with SOLIDWORKS CAD, so that the designing and validation process can go on simultaneously. You can check Read More +

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Cleaning Utility

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Cleaning Utility The Simulation Cleaning Utility is a tool that gets installed with SOLIDWORKS, it is intended to allow you to delete Simulation data from SOLIDWORKS files. The Simulation Cleaning Utility lets you choose which data you want to delete including: SOLIDWORKS Simulation SimulationXpress SOLIDWORKS Motion SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation (include FloXpress) SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Read More +

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SOLIDWORKS PDM Transition condition

SOLIDWORKS PDM Transition condition SOLIDWORKS PDM transition condition allows us to limit the files passing through a transition. As an example, a file can only pass through a workflow if the variable ‘Checked By’ contains an associated value. Transition action In this example, in a proceeding transition, a user’s initials are mapped to a variable Read More +

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SOLIDWORKS PDM a need to manage files

SOLIDWORKS PDM a need to manage files Business environments often have differing requirements in documents there are CAD Assemblies, parts, drawings, simulations, Microsoft® OFFICE Documents and PDF Documents. A single MS Word or Excel file is often a single entity. On the occasion that the content of an MS Excel file is used within the Read More +

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