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SOLIDWORKS Advanced mates help you to define mates so that we can quickly place and position the components in a shortcut manner which will helps you to perform better assemblies.

In SolidWorks advance mate option, we can perform

1.Width Mate                                 3. Path Mate

2.Symmetric Mate                         4. Linear/Linear Coupler Mate

Here will take an example of a Track and Slider and start working in Width mate.

A Width Mate constrains a tab between two planar faces.

Here I am going to use couple of regular mates to track and sliders.

Now let’s sliders to be exactly at the center of the track. So, at this point we are going to use Width mate option.

You can get width mate option in Mate > Advance mate > Width mate.


Once we select width mate option we must select four sections and it will be fixed exactly at the center.

So, in width selection you can check in width selection dialog box and select width references.

In the next selection you can check in Tab selection dialog box and select Tab references.

Once the selection of width reference and tab reference is done click ok

This is how it looks in the front view after width mate is applied.

Now Let’s see how SOLIDWORKS Symmetric mate will help

Symmetry mate forces two similar entities to be symmetric about a plane or planar face of a component or a plane of the assembly.

You can get Symmetric mate option in Mate > Advance mate > Symmetric mate.

Select the faces to be symmetry

Then select the Symmetry plane

Once the section is done click ok and you can see the parts acts as Symmetry as shown.

Here we complete Symmetry check of SOLIDWORKS.


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