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CAD Admin Dashboard

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There are many of us who do not know about CAD Admin Dashboard and a few of us who have heard about it do not know what it does or in what ways does it help.

Before we look into that let us see where CAD Admin Dashboard is located and who can be benefited by it. To access it one should have

  1. 1. A customer portal log in.
  2. 2. A SolidWorks SNL, which is under active subscription.

If you do not have a customer portal log-in you can create one easily just as you create a login for any email.

Once we login to our customer portal account, under Quick links we have CAD admin Dashboard. Choosing it will open a new tab



In the above image we can see the window has two sections.


In the first section we can see all the systems that are using the SNL. We will see what each column really means

  1. 1. Account: This is the computer name.
  2. 2. Group: Shows which group the system belongs to.
  3. 3. System Option: This is the options that we set in SolidWorks and can be seen in dashboard for every individual machine.
  4. 4. Machine Details: Shows the warning. In the above pic we can see the status as driver not supported. It also shows  which means the system is low on memory.
  5. 5. Rx Benchmark: The information regarding the benchmark of the system is displayed here, if a benchmark was run on that system and published.
  6. 6. Session Details: It gives the display if there was a session termination.
  7. 7. Actions: When we click the Actions icon for any system, it gives a pop up, which means the system selected will be set as the baseline and all the other system performance will be measured against it.

At the bottom of section 1, we can find the following options:

  1. 1.1 Refresh
  2. 1.2 SolidWorks Version: Select the SolidWorks version.
  3. 1.3 Set as red flag: We can assign when to display the red flag
  4. 1.4 We can set the filter accounts by the SolidWorks version, Operating System, Group, Computer model, Graphics card.
  5. 1.5 We can create a group and assign the systems to the particular group. For ex: I have two groups, one is Design and the other production. The systems which are in design department are put in Design group and the same can be done for the Production group.
  6. 1.6 CAD Admin Dashboard help.

We will see in section two: In the second section we have four tabs.

  1. 1. System options: This displays the System options set for the system chosen in the section 1.
  2. 2. Machine details: Gives the details of the machines which use the SNL.
  3. 3. Rx Benchmark: Shows the Benchmark details of the system selected in the first section if a benchmark is run on that particular system.
  4. 4. Session Details:


The session details give the SolidWorks sessions on the selected system. We can set the date range and also filter by date.

This is actually a great tool which is lesser known. It would be very helpful for System administrators and anyone who wants to know the performance of his systems when compared to others.

Hope this article will make you start using the CAD Admin Dashboard if you have not started using it.

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