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Changing the Thread Depth for tapped holes saved inside the Design Library

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Now there are times when you need a certain type of a tapped hole on a frequent basis. This is where SolidWorks Design library comes into picture. We create the tapped hole using SolidWorks Hole Wizard, save the feature as a Design Library feature along with multiple configurations and finally save it inside the library as a Library Feature part.

Now whenever you are creating the hole by hole wizard, you normally have the options where in you specify the Size of the hole, along with the end conditions.

If you go to Hole Wizard -> Tap Hole -> Option -> End Conditions, you will find the option which says “Thread: Blind (2*DIA)”. This is the default standard accepted by most of the manufacturing companies and hence even SolidWorks has gone with it.

But what happens if you want to change the Thread Depth?

Even if you click on the hole and try to make the modifications on the go, the Thread Depth goes back to the default value. i.e. ‘ 2* DIA’ every time you press rebuild.

In order to change the ‘Thread Depth’, you have to open the ‘Cosmetic Thread’ within the feature and then make the required changes. Now this can get really frustrating and along with it consumes a lot of time as well.



For this, we have a solution in terms of a workaround.

While creating or editing your library feature and then saving it inside the Design Library, we have the option of selecting the “Tap Drill Diameter” option like shown below.

ign Library, we have the option of selecting the “Tap Drill

Diameter” option like shown below.

After selecting the “Tap Drill Diameter”, we need to add a cosmetic thread by going to Inser -> Annotations -> Cosmetic Threads.

We need to ensure that the “Blind” option is selected inside the end condition as shown below

Our feature manager tree should look like this:

Now we can create various configurations and then save it inside our Design Library.
Once we drag and drop this feature from our Design Library and click on the Cosmetic Thread, we can now edit it according our dimensions.


We can see that by using this method, it saves us a lot of time when it comes to editing the ‘Thread Depth’ on the go.

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