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Compare Geometry with SOLIDWORKS UTILITIES

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In SOLIDWORKS Utilities we can even compare Geometry utility to compare the faces and volumes of two similar parts. Let’s go ahead and see how we can compare geometry.

Click Compare Geometry (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Compare > Geometry.

1.In the Task Pane, in Reference document, select Bracket A.

2.In Modified document, select Bracket B.

Once you select the reference document and modified document you can click on Run comparison.

When Compare you can see two options Volume comparison and Face comparison which consists of different color combination which indicates different meaning.

Here you can see the color representation.

When you compare two parts using the Compare Geometry utility, you can see unique and modified faces between the parts. This is helpful when you compare an original part to a revised version of the part.

Just by clicking on to the eye option you can see the modifications in the design.

Here I will be comparing Unique faces by taping on the Unique face eye as shown.

In this picture you can notice the changes when I compared unique faces.

In the same way you can compare Unchanged faces and modified faces.

We can even compare the Volume as well. Just by check in the Volume Comparison.

Here I will be taking an example of Adding the material.

In the same ways we can even see the removed material and the common volume just by selecting the option.


  • In the same manner we can even compare the Document Properties and Bill of Material.
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