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How to Download SOLIDWORKS Weldment Profiles?

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How to Download SOLIDWORKS Weldment Profiles?

To access all the standard profiles are available in SOLIDWORKS go to the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane and select the Design Library tab. From there expand the SOLIDWORKS Content > Weldments folder as shown below and it lists all the Standards that are available for download.

  • To download a particular standard, click on it while holding the Ctrl (Control) key on your keyboard. You can download the file and save it at any location.
  • Once the downloading process is finished you can unzip the file. Now you need to place the unzipped files in the right location. Run SOLIDWORKS and go to Tools > Options and select the File Location from the System Options tab. In the File location select the Weldment Profiles option from the pull down menu. It also shows the default location of the Weldment profiles or add the new location where the files are saved.

Now open your Windows Explorer and go to the location shown for Weldment profiles from the system options menu, then copy and paste the unzipped file.

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