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How Pixel Density works in SOLIDWORKS Visualize

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Pixel Density controls the Pixels per Inch (PPI) quality of an image, this is much like Dots per Inch (DPI) the difference between these variables is:

  • PPI is how many pixels live in a square inch of your screen
  • DPI is how many dots live in a square inch of printed paper

Creating fast loading content for the web generally requires 72 PPI while print material needs a higher resolution of at least 300 DPI.

How to check the PPI value of an image

There are a few ways to check this but the easiest is simply right clicking on an image file in windows and selecting properties from the shortcut menu:

In the image properties dialog, you can navigate to the Details tab and scroll down to the image section, here you can see the pixel density of the image

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Resolution Best Practices

Here, In the output tools, we can set the resolution of the output image for the better output, for example if the image is going to publish in the website, the best practice is to give 720PPI or 1080PPI.

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