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Material Data

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Material data is missing for Analysis? No problem!

When setting up a structural analysis study, we never seem to have ALL the material information we need. If we do not have all information needed we tend to make approximations and assumptions. The places where I can find the material properties.

  1. The first place you might look for material data is in the SOLIDWORKS Material database, which houses roughly 500 materials and 100 material curves (as of 2016). Additionally, a few SN material curves used for fatigue analysis are stored under “Define Function Curves” (see below) for some reason. The rest of the curves are available by clicking on a material with (SS) or (SN) in the name for nonlinear stress-strain and fatigue respectively.


2.  For your next step, you may look at the SOLIDWORKS Materials Web Portal included in Simulation Professional (shown below) which has another roughly 1300 materials and 250 material curves (as of 2016).

In the Material dialog box, select the option on the lower left side: Click here to access more materials using the SOLIDWORKS Materials Web Portal.Click Locate Materials.

Select the settings for Select Study, Select Material Model, and Select Type of Materials. Matereality searches for available materials based on the selection criteria. It lists all material matches in a matrix format.

3.  If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you might check MatWebwhere they have roughly 40,000 “static-ready” materials (as of 2016). The people at MatWeb even offer a SOLIDWORKS plug-in for a nominal fee. However, something to keep in mind is that MatWeb does not offer any curves.

Hopefully this has been enlightening enough to see there are several benefits in finding RIGHT material properties for analysis.

If you think you might need some additional simulation capabilities, or you’re interested in a wealth of extra tools and options for interpreting and manipulating simulation results, please consider having a look at the Simulation Add-In.

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