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My Thoughts on Innovation Day

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Every year, in November, Dassault Systemes organizes a worldwide event called the Innovation Day. This is an occasion for us to celebrate innovation and creativity within the SOLIDWORKS ecosystem. It is also timed to coincide with the new release of SOLIDWORKS.


The SOLIDWORKS family includes our principals Dassault Systemes, their customers, third-party developers and solution providers and we, the resellers. It has been our privilege at BEACON to host Innovation day for the last 16 years and this year, our road trip started in Aurangabad and moved on to Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai and Chennai.


Innovation means differently to different people. To me, it means being able to think differently, perform differently and bring in more productivity and creative ways of doing routine tasks.


I believe that each one of us is an innovator. You don’t have to be a scientist, an acclaimed inventor or someone with half-a-dozen patents under your name, you don’t have to come up with ground-breaking product/technology. If you evolve with time, listen and react to changes around you and find better tools to complete your daily task in a manner puts you ahead of the competition, you are already an innovator – a step ahead of others.


One of the things I realised after watching and listening to the SW 2018 presentation is that the software is really getting under the skin of the user. In other words, we are learning a lot from how mobile applications work and trying not just to be user-friendly but to be intuitive and predictive as well. After watching presentations of SOLIDWORKS composer and visualizer, Dassault wants to bridge the complete workflow from concept to design to manufacture to creating sales and marketing collaterals – all in one platform, in one budget for the purchase.



Actions include how SOLIDWORKS has evolved over the last three decades, and how it will continue to transform to meet user demands and industry trends. The product strategy is delivered in two forms: SOLIDWORKS Desktop, the most popular ecosystem for innovation, and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, the most comprehensive and scalable engineering platform in the world. Gian Paolo was quick to remind the audience that users will not have to choose one or the other or even just one of the two. Choice and access on your terms are central to the future of SOLIDWORKS.


We see shades of Sketchup & Rhino like free-form modelling, and a comprehensive set of tools for creating product brochures and manuals, all within the platform. Do you now need to invest in Adobe and other visual communication & publishing tools separately?


In India, most of our users are in the SME segment, one that is largely un-organized but also one where a lot of creativity and innovation blossoms.


The Spirit of entrepreneurship – a documentary we produced to showcase the innovations of the leading men and women from Belgaum is a testimony of how small & medium companies can make a difference. From supplying critical components to Indian Navy submarines to design and export of world-class racing cars, these companies have done it all, seen it all. SOLIDWORKS is a common thread to all of them.


Long thought of as a mechanical engineer’s geek tool where you need to know a lot of internal technology and subject matter to do your designs, SOLIDWORKS has come a long way. On-screen pop-ups and helpers tell you at every stage not just what you are doing now but also what you may want to do next and at the same time convey graphically and visually the results of what you have done so far.


In the Bangalore event of Innovation Day, we had the immense opportunity to listen to Dr G Madhavan Nair, former chairman of ISRO.  Dr. Nair is not only an inventor and geek but also an able administrator master communicator who was successful in keeping his large team and the government and other agencies in sync with what ISRO was doing. Dr Nair’s philosophy and approach this reflects the way SOLIDWORKS is headed now.


SOLIDWORKS 2018 today provides a platform to keep the entire design team, the sales force and the customers in one single connected environment. In other words, this is now a large canvas of design workflow collaboration.


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