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Sequential Drop test Simulation in SolidWorks

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Problem statements:

The packaging unit is dropped 12 times with different angle position as per the standard. we need to open the packaging unit at the end of the 12 th iterations only, in between we should not open. End of all iteration we want to know any damages occurred or not. if it is occurred we want to know on which iteration damages are occurred. what will be the cumulative damage at the end of 12th iterations.


To add the damage effect(permanent deformation) from one set of drop test simulation to next drop test simulation.


Using solidworks Create body from deformed body command and use the same to manage the above said issue.


  1. create drop test setup according to the standard( height, drop angle, type of floor etc..) Refer Fig-1


  2. Run the simulation and check the stress plot. if the stress is within the limits go to the next iteration with different angle position.
  3. if stress are crossed the yield criteria, check how much permanent deformation are occurred.
  4. Right click the result folder, select create body from deformed body command select either configuration or part name, then click ok. Refer Fig-3 & 4
    Note: please note that while creating body from deformed shape make sure deformed shape should be true scale is selected) Refer Fig-2





  5. create drop test setup on deformed cad model and run the simulation. End of the result will be combined effect of previous simulation and current effects( Refer step 1 to 4 .
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