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SolidWorks Beam Calculator

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SolidWorks Beam Calculator

We are aware of the wealth of Toolbox for its fasteners and bearings, but a hidden treasure in the toolbox that is un noticed is Beam calculator.

The Beam Calculator calculates deflections and stresses of beams using a variety of pre-set loads types, from single fixture loads to distributed and symmetrical loads, allowing for a quick insight in to whether a chosen beam is fit for purpose.

Using the Beam Calculator, we can quickly find Deflection, Stress, Length or Load of a beam in 6 different load types (that’s usually where we go looking for our Machinery’s Handbook). Best of it is, depending on the Structural Steel selected, the Modulus and Moments of Inertia are captured automatically.

We can either calculate deflection or stress in the beam. The beams can be chosen from a vast library of profiles available.

Selecting the desired profile will automatically fill in the moment of inertia and the section modulus for respective calculations.


The accuracy of the results is in line with simulation results with no much difference. Beam calculator is a huge time saver and a very simple tool which can be used to find if the selected profile is fit for purpose, without the need for simulation.

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