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SOLIDWORKS PDM Transition condition

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SOLIDWORKS PDM Transition condition

SOLIDWORKS PDM transition condition allows us to limit the files passing through a transition. As an example, a file can only pass through a workflow if the variable ‘Checked By’ contains an associated value.

Transition action

In this example, in a proceeding transition, a user’s initials are mapped to a variable through a transition action.

SOLIDWORKS EPDM Transition Condition Set Variable

A Transition Condition

Below, a condition is added to the transition, to only allow files to pass through the transition when the variable “Checked By” contains a value. In this example any value is acceptable.


Simple condition

‘OR’ and ‘AND’ Conditions

‘OR’ and ‘AND’ conditions can also be applied to better control the workflow. In the example below the variable “Checked By” should have a value of “Bob” OR “Doug” AND the variable State must have a value of “Approved”.

complex condition

The “OR” option is accessed by clicking on the Variable, as is the option to remove a condition.

Or & remove

The above mentioned are the conditions present in SWPDM workflow transitions to control the movement of files.




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