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Learning Surface Modeling unlocks the full potential of SOLIDWORKS as a modeling tool. You will learn how to fine-tune any small detail of a SOLIDWORKS model by controlling its topology; manipulating the “underlining” fabric of one or more faces in order to achieve the desired result. Hybrid modeling techniques, combining surfacing and solid methods are keys for creating complex shapes. A special lesson is dedicated to troubleshooting errors and repairing imported geometry.

After the training you will be able to:

  • Create complex surface designs using Loft and Sweep
  • Repair imported geometry using SOLIDWORKS Surfacing tools
  • Use surfaces to help you create complex parts
  • Use a master part model to create different versions of your design

Course Outline


  • Using this Book
  • About This Course
  • Windows® 7
  • Use of Color
  • Icons
  • Hide/Show Tree Items

Lesson 1: Understanding Surfaces

  • Solids and Surfaces
  • Working with Surface Bodies
  • Why Use Surfaces?
  • Continuity Explained
  • Workflow with Surfaces

Lesson 2: Introduction to Surfacing

  • Similarities Between Solid and Surface Modeling
  • Basic Surfacing

Lesson 3: Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling

  • Hybrid Modeling
  • Using Surfaces to Modify Solids
  • Interchanging Between Solids and Surfaces
  • Performance Implications
  • Surfaces as Construction Geometry
  • Alternative to Trim, Knit, and Thicken
  • Making Copies of Faces

Lesson 4: Repairing and Editing Imported Geometry

  • Importing Data
  • Repairing and Editing Imported Geometry

Lesson 5: Advanced Surface Modeling

  • Stages in the Process
  • Ruled Surfaces
  • Lofting Surfaces
  • Modeling the Lower Half
  • Conclusion
  • Design Changes

Lesson 6: Blends and Patches

  • Complex Blends
  • Smoothing Patches
  • Boundary Surface
  • Freeform Feature
  • Corner Blends

Lesson 7: Master Model Techniques

  • Introduction to Master Models
  • Surface Master Model Technique
  • Working with a Solid Master Model
  • Specialized Features for Plastic Parts
  • SOLIDWORKS Explorer
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