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SOLIDWORKS Tips & Tricks

User Interface

  • Temporarily preview hidden bodies or components from Feature Manager & Isolate components while editing in context within an assembly
  • New Configuration Switcher makes it easier to quickly switch between configurations
  • Dynamic Reference Visualization shows a graphical view of relationships between features
  • Selection Sets let you select multiple entities and save for reuse

Sketch, Part & Surface Enhancements

  • Sketch: Line from mid-point; rectangle with horizontal/vertical construction lines
  • Adding sketch relation between two adjacent entities is much easier now; just select a common vertex and select relation from pop-up window
  • Now dimension tool supports Symmetrical Angle dimensions
  • Splines: Improved Spline on Surface; convert Style Spline to Spline Points
  • Patterns: Improved Fill, Linear, and Variable Pattern
  • New option now available in linear pattern feature that is similar to the equal spacing option in the circular pattern
  • Advanced geometry: Asymmetric Fillets; split surfaces; sketch plane normal to view
  • Surface body can be split into multiple surface bodies, addition to the available solid body splitting
  • Open profiles for features and cuts. The depth of cut extrudes or the angle of revolved cuts can be controlled by using open contour selections
  • Asymmetric Fillet option can be used to specify different radius on each face. This gives more design flexibility to achieve the desired aesthetics for the produce
  • SolidWorks 2015 introduces a new capability to flatten non-developable surfaces, enabling a more streamlined manufacturing process for products such as footwear, apparel and even hull design in shipbuilding

Drawing Improvements

  • It’s no longer necessary to create construction geometry, When adding an angle dimension. A manipulator is presented and you can select one of the legs to aid in creation of the dimension
  • Drawing zones are now available in SolidWorks 2015, Track view locations with automated drawing sheet zone annotations
  • Enhanced formatting control of drawing and table notes
  • Omit layers from printing; use splines as leaders
  • Decimal rounding option helps users to have more control over the way that Values are rounded off.


  • New Chain Component Pattern is a unique and powerful type of Component Pattern for setting up patterned components along an open or closed path to dynamically simulate a chain drive or cable carrier
  • Mates: Center components on faces; select geometry to limit Width Mate
  • Radial Exploded view in SolidWorks 2015 are simple to create with the new Radial Explode tool along axis & space components on drag
  • Routing for rectangular sections, e.g., HVAC ducts, cable trays and chutes
  • Simulate roller/energy chains using patterns along open or closed loops

Sheet Metal

  • Accurate bend information can now be created and model can be flattened for fabrication. SolidWorks 2015 displays both the profile outline and the centre point of the sheet metal gussets in the flattened state.
  • Hole Wizard now supports PEM standards for sizing the holes corresponding to the fasteners
  • Transferring sheet metal and flat pattern information from the original part to the mirrored version of sheet metal part is much more easer.
  • Lofted bends can be created between Non-Parallel sections.

New Product Development Workflows

  • SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD) enables drawing less product detailing with 3D PMI datum, geometric tolerances, surface finishes, BOM, tables, notes and other annotations within the SolidWorks 3D environment
  • SOLIDWORKS Tree house provides visual assembly structure planning, creation, editing, and viewing
  • SolidWorks MBD delivers a comprehensive set of predefined, customizable, 3D PDF templates out-of-the-box for both parts & assemblies


  • E-Drawings 2015 has a completely new user interface that more closely follows the mobile version of eDrawings on iOS & and Android
  • E-Drawings now supports named views from SolidWorks files & even supports to view Custom Properties of SolidWorks files
  • E-Drawings 2015 can view all the fixtures and loads of simulation study
  • E-Drawings 2015 now supports results plot from SolidWorks Plastics too
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