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Techniques & Time savers for Assembly

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Smart Components:

You can create Smart Components from components that you use frequently that require the addition of associated components and features.



  • A connector with mounting screws, nuts, screw holes, and a cutout.
  • A retaining ring with a groove.
  • A motor with bolts and mounting holes.

Training Assembly:

  • The assembly which you take for defining the desired part as a Smart Component.

How to Make a Smart Component:

  • Being in the Assembly mode, Goto Tools -> Make Smart Component.
  • On the Smart Component Property Manager, select the component you wanted to make it smart. The same way you can select the fasteners to add components to it & features (which are associated with the smart component)



Mate References:

For components that you typically mate the same way every time, you can set up mate references to define the mates used and the component geometry being mated.

Mate references specify one or more entities of a component to use for automatic mating. When you drag a component with a mate reference into an assembly, the SolidWorks software tries to find other combinations of the same mate reference name and mate type. If the name is the same, but the type does not match, the software does not add the mate.

To define a mate reference:

  1. In a part Goto Reference Geometry toolbar -> click Mate Reference .
  2. In Mate Reference PropertyManager, Under Reference Name, type a name for the mate reference.
  3. Under Primary Reference Entity :
    • Select a face, edge, vertex, or plane for the Primary reference entity. The entity is used for potential mates when dragging a component into an assembly.
    • Select a Mate Reference Type and a Mate Reference Alignment to define the default mate for the reference entity.
  4. If desired, repeat Step 3 to add secondary and tertiary entities.
  5. Click  The mate reference is added to the FeatureManager design tree in the MateReferences folder.

If you insert part (wheel) into the assembly, the components mate automatically. Given that the assembly part (Part5- as shown in fig)has to be given with same mate reference

# Tip: How can a user show appearance only at the Assembly Level (Multi Colour for different face), The same appearance should not to be visible at the part level.


Currently it is not possible apply colors on faces at assembly level, Workaround is to apply the colors in Part level display state and bring the same display state in assembly. Refer the below steps to do the same.

  • Open the Part -> Goto Configuration Tab.
  • Create a New Display State (Right Click on Display State)


  • Add appearances to the faces (Ensure it is applied in same display state)
  • Goto Assembly -> Right Click on Part -> Select Component Properties
  • Toggle the Display state as shown below


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