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Trend Tracker

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Trend Tracker: A tool to monitor the effects of design changes during validation.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation is a tool which helps you simulate your product in real life working condition. The best part about SOLIDWORKS Simulation is its integration with SOLIDWORKS CAD, so that the designing and validation process can go on simultaneously. You can check your design by applying proper boundary conditions and loads, and modify the designs quickly if needed. But the question is if I am making multiple changes to my design, how can I track the overall output due to changes. In such a scenario Trend Tracker is the answer.

Let’s take an example. I have a product where I want to make certain changes during validation. At the same time, I also want to track the changes of certain properties such as mass, stress and displacement.

I have applied the loads and fixtures to the part. Let’s see how we can use Trend Tracker in our study

Set the Baseline for tracking the results. This is usually your first iteration.

My first iteration has been solved successfully. Let’s make some changes to the model and rerun the study.

That was the second iteration after I created some cut outs to reduce weight. Now let’s modify some dimensions again and rerun the study.


So we have run three iterations while making some modifications in our geometry. Let’s see what the result Trend Tracker gives.

The graphs clearly show the variation of our results while we were modifying the geometry, such as the mass reduced after first modification but increased after the second. Also, you can get all these data in report format.

The above picture shows the report in Word format.

No matter how many times you modify the design, you can track the changes easily using Trend Tracker.


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