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What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2018

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Catch up on All That’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2018

The true measure of a Great Product is – Great Designs – Get Built. SOLIDWORKS® makes it easier than ever to design and create. SOLIDWORKS 2018 includes new features and enhancements that respond directly to user requests and the needs of 21st century product development. Work more efficiently with an improved user interface that takes advantage of your touch-enabled devices, let SOLIDWORKS automatically generate the optimal shape of your design based on functional and manufacturing criteria, or let SOLIDWORKS automatically generate the NC tool paths needed to machine your parts. These capabilities are just some examples of how SOLIDWORKS is changing the way design and manufacturing is done.




Topology Study

New in SolidWorks Simulation Professional 2018, Topology Study let’s SolidWorks guide your optimal design form while you stay focused on the function, giving you validated results you can leverage for traditional manufacturing methods or a path to additive manufacturing.



SOLIDWORKS CAM delivers fully integrated, knowledge based CNC programming right inside SOLIDWORKS. Using SOLIDWORKS CAM’s powerful simulation capabilities, cutter paths can be previewed and compared against the original model, helping you identify any potential problems, or areas requiring further refinement, long before the physical part is machined.



SOLIDWORKS Manage is a new solution that builds on the global file management capabilities SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional with a unique set of advanced data management tools for project, process and item management, along with interactive dashboards and reports. SOLIDWORKS Manage provides comprehensive, easy-to-use and implement capabilities that eliminate the need to use separate disconnected tools and silos of data.



Model Based Definition in SOLIDWORKS 2018 is more powerful than ever allowing you to more accurately define all the manufacturing information needed within the 3D model. SOLIDWORKS 2018 now enables the display of part level PMI at the assembly level also. This removes the need to recreate the PMI at the assembly level for use in other products like SOLIDWORKS CAM. Brand new PDF Templates are now available in SOLIDWORKS 2018. These have been overahauled to include more information and look more professional. You can now publish 3D notes from SOLIDWORKS directly into a PDF Text field. You can also now remove the extra steps of creating corresponding PMI for fixed or floating fasteners by using the new Auto Pair Tolerance tool.


Automated Inspection

Inspection standalone 2018 introduces some fantastic new productivity enhancements. You can now work directly with native 2D drawings formats, without having to convert them to TIFF or PDF first. At the same time drawings characteristics can be extracted with just a single click, so you no longer need to use optical character recognition. Balloon styles can be automatically defined based on rules set in your template, and when generating a First Article Inspection report even more drawing information can be included.

SolidWorks Visualize 2018

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional 2018 introduces new Spherical camera places you right in the center of the action. Previewing the Virtual Sphere is just a button presses away allowing you spin around to ensure environments, materials and lighting are just right. Taking the experience to a whole new level, you can even choose to create stereoscopic images – enabling a full 3D experience for the user. Another unique feature is the support for 360 animations – including Fly Throughs, Exploded Views and Sun Studies. All these new features in SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018 help you stay ahead of the competition – accelerating the design review process and reducing the cost of expensive prototypes.

User Experience

SOLIDWORKS 2018 introduces many enhancements to improve your day to day productivity and help you get your design tasks completed ahead of schedule. The new Welcome screen in SOLIDWORKS 2018 is a one stop shop to help you get right to work. You can create new parts, assemblies or drawings. Recent Folders and resources are right here like My SOLIDWORKS. Links to Learning resources, Tutorials and Samples appear in the Learn Tab. And finally, you have immediate access to technical alerts keeping you up to speed with the latest developments. Of course, Recent Documents are a great way to get you back to where you left off without browsing through folders.


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