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Where are the hidden settings for the display of SOLIDWORKS Cosmetic Threads?

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Sometimes you are unable to display cosmetic threads as intended in your drawings or assemblies. Given the difficulty that can ensue with the display of this annotation feature, many give up and elect to avoid using SOLIDWORKS cosmetic threads altogether. This article will help you to locate each of the four SOLIDWORKS Cosmetic Thread Display settings.

There are four settings that affect the visibility of cosmetic threads within the SOLIDWORKS part, drawing and assembly environments which are,

“View All Annotations” Setting
“Cosmetic Threads” Setting
“Display Annotations” Setting
“Use Assembly Settings for all components” Option

It is a combination of these settings that can often prevent the display of cosmetic threads entirely.
Below are the steps to be followed-

The “View All Annotations” setting is located within the View menu:
1. View menu > All Annotations


The remaining three options are all found via the right-click shortcut menu of the Annotations Folder on the Feature Manager Design Tree.
2.”Cosmetic Threads” Setting
The “Cosmetic Threads” may be found via Right click on Annotations folder > Details > “Cosmetic threads”checkbox

Annotation Properties

3.”Display Annotations” Setting
Right click on Annotations folder > check the “Display Annotations” option

Display Annotations Option

4. “Use Assembly Settings for all components” Option
Right click on Annotations folder > Choose Details > “Use assembly settings for all components” checkbox

Annotation Properties

Now that you are armed with the “Where” and the “How” of the SOLIDWORKS Cosmetic Thread display settings, you can feel confident in moving forward to troubleshoot any display issues you encounter involving cosmetic thread

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