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SOLIDWORKS Composer™ gives you the tools to design and produce technical communication deliverables in parallel with product development — so your documentation keeps up with your design changes and is ready with your product. The intuitive SOLIDWORKS Composer interface enables you to create highly detailed 2D and 3D graphics with precise control to highlight areas of interest and focus on specific components. You can easily output 3D interactive animations to create a realistic 3D environment for interactive training or compelling marketing presentations.

Because SOLIDWORKS Composer is associative, you can automatically update any changes you make to the CAD models in your technical communication deliverables. For the first time, you can get products to market faster with the assurance that your documentation is both high-quality and accurate. SOLIDWORKS Composer pictures and animations are particularly valuable in simplifying assembly instructions and work orders. You can directly show 3D views of how your product is assembled or repaired, reducing errors on the shop floor, eliminating language barriers, and significantly minimizing localization costs.


You no longer need to compromise on your communications by relying on rough drawings to show your concepts or waiting until your design is finished to start creating product communication deliverables. With SOLIDWORKS Composer, you can quickly and easily create:

  • Detailed views
  • Exploded views
  • High-resolution images
  • Technical illustrations
  • Interactive animations
  • Interactive Bills of Materials (BOMs) and parts lists


Today, visual images are more important than ever. The right product graphics can mean the difference between making or missing the mark in key sales situations. With SOLIDWORKS Composer, you can:

  • Create more lifelike visual imagery and eliminate the need for physical prototypes in creating product marketing materials
  • Demonstrate products more effectively with interactive storyboards
  • Highlight key differentiators with detailed views, glow effects, and transparent components
  • Impress prospects with a quick turnaround of updated designs
  • Create interactive animations to effectively communicate the most complex product details
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