See how Industries around the Nation use SOLIDWORKS to build stronger relationships with their customers and change the way they do.

"SOLIDWORKS is the best and preferred solution for oil and Gas equipment product design. It has all in one package integration with CAD, Simulation and Flow Analysis. This CAD Operation requires minimum duration of training to get hands on."

Beacon-India Customer Testimonials

Prashant Akhare

Pressure Control Engineer, T3 Energy Services.

"Working in SOLIDWORKS is definitely saving time and money. Our design errors have been reduced by 90% now we have excellent visualizations of our designs"

Beacon-India Customer Testimonials


Senior Engineer, Easun Reyrolle Limited.

"DIGISOL relies on SOLIDWORKS software to simplify the release of manufacturing drawings and greatly increase accuracy."

Beacon-India Customer Testimonials

Mr Anil Kamat,


"SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools have enabled us to provide our customers with the best value for their money."

Beacon-India Customer Testimonials

Gautam Samant

Managing Director, Spica Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd.