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SolidPlant 3D

SolidPlant 3D 2017

Comprehensive Plant Design for SolidWorks

The one and only truly specification-driven plant design software for Solidworks. SolidPlant has brought the best 3D MCAD capability into today’s world of plant design. Sophisticated, state of the art new features will help you produce 3D models and all related production documents fast and easily. Work with highly accurate dimensions from SolidPlant’s vast piping specification database to prevent any mistakes on the bill of materials and other output documents.

SolidWorks+SolidPlant3D = Perfect match for plant design engineers.

Advanced ‘Smart Route’
SolidPlant 2017 greatly increases the flexibility when working on pipe routing. Our routing feature ‘Smart Route’ now makes it possible to work on separate parts of the same line, even open‐ended pipes, and connect them to each other at any time to form a complete stretch of pipe. By selecting the tie points of the line, ‘Smart Route’ will automatically create the route line and generate the 3D model, including all the components from the selected specification. Watch Video

Copy Pipe

In SolidPlant 2017 the user has the possibility to copy an entire pipe line, regardless of the number of components. Each and every component (valves, flanges, elbows, etc.) will be copied while still retaining the link with the underlying database. The tag of the newly copied pipe line will be automatically updated. In projects with a lot of typical pipe lines, this feature is a real time saver. Watch Video

More Realistic Templates

SolidPlant 2017 comes with more realistic equipment model templates for water treatment and food & beverage industries. In addition, realistic pipe fittings and pipe supports are now available as well. Watch Video

SolidPlant Help

To increase user independence SolidPlant 2017 includes an extensive Help file that is available both online and offline. Read More


In order to reduce the strain on the operating system while working on a large assembly project in SolidPlant 2017, it will be possible to work in lightweight mode. This will increase the system’s performance without losing connectivity to the database. Watch Video

Chinese language

To cater to the ever‐growing Chinese economy, SolidPlant 2017 will be available in Chinese language. Watch Video

New Enhancements in SolidPlant 2017

Project Management
– Increased user friendliness for imperial dimension units: user can now input feetand inches directly by typing ‘ft.’ or ‘in’ in the dimension dialogue box.
– Increased flexibility in TAG formats for equipment and routing.

Spec Creator
– SolidPlant 2017 comes up with more manufacturer catalogues added into the library.

– Templates: Additional templates for pipe supports and valve operators.
– Increased flexibility to replace pipe components, even after the 3D model is already generated.
– Option to flip: Possibility to flip the bolt head position of bolts in flanges.

SolidPlant 2017 offers you more sophisticated features to generate Isometric drawings.
– More Symbols: Added isometric symbols for stub‐in with reinforcement pad.
– The isometric drawings will now reflect the data of connected end points in pipes lines when working with multiple pages.

Cable Tray
– Specs for Cable Tray: Now in SolidPlant 2017 user can create cable tray routing using specifications.

PDM Professional
In addition to SolidPlant’s existing PDM Professional, SolidPlant 2017 offers new features to increase overall user friendliness. It is now possible to store the ‘Vault’ either inside or outside the database, allowing for more flexibility when choosing a project’s location.

User Interface improvement (UI) : Our new Tag manager panel will allow you to search and find exactly where the components have been placed in the 3D model. Also the user can (do) place mouse over any equipment or component. all the information will pop up automatically. This is just to make sure that you are working on the right one.

Create your own 3D component (Custom) : SolidPlant 2016 will allow you to add your own catalog and your own 3D model into the database easily. Then you can work exactly on your standards every day.

New Conveyor template (Conveyor) :
 New conveyor template has been added. Easy and quick as usual.

DUCT/Cable tray (DUCT) : New Autoroute feature for non-round piping will let the user do the DUCT and Cable tray much faster and with much more flexibility.

Assign project area
User can add project area to all equipment models. This will help the user to have a better view and control over a big project.

Drag & Drop from Tag number to model
Once the 3D model has been created, the tag number will turn to blue color. Then we can click on the Tag number and drag it to 3D model space. The 3D model of that tag number represented will be put in place.

Engine change
Fully Supports SolidWorks 2016 x64 bits. Central database has been changed to SQL server. This will speed up the whole system and support bigger projects.

Spiral stairs



Insert Texture to the floor plate. To give you better presentation

Show/Hide nozzle tag number
Very important to have a view during routing which exact nozzle we are working on

Assign Nozzle length
Now we are able to assign the length of all nozzles when creating equipment either from templates or imported models.

Smart route feature
The latest smart feature from SolidPlant. Now we don’t need to worry about routing to the wrong nozzle. SolidPlant will use the data from line list. Which contains the from-to nozzle number information to create automatic route line from nozzle to nozzle with the shortest route path. The user will be allowed to modify the route by cut, extend, trim or other sketch tools that are provided by Solidworks until we get the best route path. Easy and flexible.

Related Valve automaticly assigned
From the valve list data, SolidPlant will let pop up all the valves that are related to the pipe line number that the user just finished routing. We can drag and drop from the list on the pipe automatically. You will never miss the valve or put it to the wrong line number.

Show/Modified line number during routing
Convert existing part to pipe components
We can convert any old part model if we wish to use it in the new project as a pipeline of another project

Automatic Bushing
Insert and Information check of Flanged fitting
We can add flange fitting and check the data from it such as schedule or rating.

Cable tray manual route
With a simple draw panel, Now we can draw 3D cable tray by continuing one by one part. The connection can change the direction by toggle the tab button.

Import PCF file format to generate Iso drawing.

Isogen Video

New Isogen option switch interface
Ease of use pop up menu for option switch.

SolidPlant 3D Demo Videos

Create Equipment : Create equipment using SolidPlant templates.

Import PID Data : Import P&ID data for use in Piping and Equipment design.

Convert Equipment : Convert existing CAD models into SolidPlant Equipment models.

Place Equipment : Drag Equipment models into the plant and locate them using move functions.

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