Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question 1. How do we know the latest service pack available for a particular version of SOLIDWORKS?

Ans: Open SOLIDWORKS, click on Help, and then click on Release notes to find out the latest service pack available for that particular version of SOLIDWORKS and the fixed SPRs (SOLIDWORKS Performance Report).

Question 2. Can we download the service pack from the website or should we get it from the value added reseller?

Ans: Yes the customer can directly download the service pack from the SOLIDWORKS website, until he is under subscription.

Question 3. What are the benefits of taking the Subscription?

Ans: As a Subscription Service Program member, you receive automatic upgrades to the latest versions of SOLIDWORKS software, live technical support from your local authorized value-added reseller (VAR), as well as requested software enhancements. You also gain access to the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal—a web-based hub for SOLIDWORKS resources. The SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service Program enables you to focus on what matters most—designing better products

Question 4. What is a SOLIDWORKS® customer portal login account? Can I register my serial number through this login account?

Ans:The SOLIDWORKS® customer portal login account is an email-based account used to log into the SOLIDWORKS® Customer Portal. For full access to all features within the customer portal, your subscription service contract with your reseller must be up to date.

To register a product, login and select “Register My Products” – then following the instructions.

To create a customer portal account, please go to the below web link and click on the link that says “click here to create a sign-in account”. SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

Question 5. How to change document units from metric to inches?

Ans: Unit settings can be changed from Tools > Options > Document Options > Units.

To have this setting as the default units setting, navigate to File > Save as. Once in the Save As dialogue box, from the “save as type” pulldown box select “Part templates” – SOLIDWORKS will automatically navigate itself to your default template location, from here you can select Part.prtdot and overwrite this template. Now when you open a new part, inches will be the default units.This procedure can be repeated with Assemblies and Drawings. This is also the procedure for changing existing file’s unit systems.

Question 6. Which Windows Operating Systems will be supported by SOLIDWORKS 2015?

Ans: IMPORTANT – SOLIDWORKS 2015 is no longer supported on 32-bit operating systems. The following operating systems are supported by SOLIDWORKS 2015:

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    Windows 7 64-bit

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    Windows 8 64-bit

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    Windows 8.1 64-bit

Question 7. Can I have more than one version of SOLIDWORKS installed on my system at the same time?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to have multiple versions of SOLIDWORKS on the same system. During install, specify separate paths for the install directory and the Toolbox directory. Please be aware that SOLIDWORKS 2015 does not support backward compatibility.

Question 8. What is Product Activation?

Ans: Product activation is a secure, hassle-free process that authenticates licensed users during the installation process. For more information regarding product activation please refer to the SOLIDWORKS Activation FAQ:

Question 9. I do not have internet or e-mail access on my SOLIDWORKS workstation, how will I activate my product?

Ans: Activation requires that you have Internet or email access. After activation, you do not need to be online to use the products. If you do not have email access on the computer where you use SolidWorks, you can choose the Manual method to save the activation file and email it from another computer that has email access. Instructions will be provided during the activation process including the email address to send it to. The server that receives the activation email will automatically process it and return an authorization file within minutes. Upon receipt of this activation file, you simply return it back to your workstation and read it into the Activation Manager.

Question 10. I have different SOLIDWORKS Simulation products, which Serial Number do I use when installing the SolidNetwork License Manager?

Ans: If multiple SolidWorks products are to be used (e.g. SW Standard and SW Simulation Premium), enter the serial numbers separated by a comma.

Question 11. What if I am upgrading and have Toolbox installed in a shared environment?

Ans: When the toolbox files are located on a server location and not on the local machine, upgrading the client SOLIDWORKS installation will not update the toolbox. The preferred procedure is to copy the toolbox files to a local machine, point the toolbox options to the local folder, then run a repair of the installation.