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License Asset Manager with Usage Monitoring

License Asset Manager with Usage Monitoring (LAMUM) is the best-in-class tool for consolidating software license information, managing inventory of engineering applications and monitoring software usage. Unlike other license management tools, LAMUM monitors usage at the tool level, not feature level. LAMUM is easy to use, intuitive and comprehensive. With LAMUM, most customers save 15-20% on license costs every year.

Key Benefits

  • Save 15-20% on annual license costs; proven ROI.
  • Eliminate 50% of unnecessary feature usage history and clutter.
  • Simplify all aspects of license management.
  • Monitor usage patterns and trends.
  • Create charge-back accounting reports.
  • Prevent license key shutdown.
  • Prepare for negotiations prior to vendor activity.
  • Reduce staff frustration.
  • Maintain & improve compliance.
  • Ensure continuous license availability.
  • Incorporate "best practices" methodology.
  • Be a better Manager of expensive company assets!
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