Introduction to Structural Designer Role (SRD)

Shivkant Tilekar, Sr. Application Engineer - Simulation Feb 1st, 2023

If you are an existing SOLIDWORKS user and wanted to perform simulation using
3DEXPEREINCE Platform, then look no further you are in a right place to start.

Hi, my name is Shivkant Tilekar, and I am a Simulation Product Specialist here at BEACON. & We are
going to explore this MODSIM journey together.

This journey starts with new Avatar of SOLIDWORKS, it’s a 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. It is a
one stop solution for all your Modelling and simulation (MODSIM) problems. In Unified
collaborative environment 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, Solutions from Dassault system’s brands such as
SIMULIA, CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, DELMIA, ENOVIA, GEOVIA and BIOVIA are offered on fully integrated

Product designers who are comfortable with CAD but not necessarily with FEA simulation,
can opt for Collaborative designer for SOLIDWORKS Role which helps you to seamlessly integrate
the Platform and Desktop SOLIDWOKRS. The Structural Designer role (SRD) provides product
designers with easy-to-use, simulation-based guidance to improve product structural and thermal
performance while reducing over-dimensioning and costly prototyping

Here are steps you can follow…

1. Open CAD model in SOLIDWORKS & Save the file on Platform.

With this you are creating a backup of your design on Cloud. PLM based data management
solutions helps you to fast searching of project saved, maintain revision & a much more.

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Introduction to Structural Designer Role (SRD)

2. Launch the Linear structural validation app from SRD.

Once you are into platform environment you can choose the type of physics you want to solve.
Structural designer role offers to solve for Linear Structural, Buckling, frequency and thermal Studies.
For this example, we are primarily interested in Structural simulation hence we are choosing the

3. Assistant Panel

Assistant Panel will step by step guide you through entire setup process form Assigning
materials, fixtures and loads, mesh the model, Solve & to interpret the results. Green Tick mark
means you are good to proceed further to next step in the process.

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Analysis #FEA #BEACON

Introduction to Structural Designer Role (SRD)

4. Assigning the material

In this example, section assignment & FEM model creation & connection is taken care
automatically, hence we are going ahead with material assignment. Extensive material library is
already embedded just like SOLIDWORKS. It will help you with Simulation studies. If everything is
correct the assistant panel shows you green tick mark. Next step is to assign restraints

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5. Assign restraints & Loads

Various Restraint/ fixtures are present which can be choses for the analysis . Restrain helps you
to constrains the Degrees of freedom of the model. as usual check with assistant panel.

Introduction to Structural Designer Role (SRD)

6. Solve

Both local and cloud solves support running any simulation, up to 144 cores. The HPC options
are available in 4,8,18,36 and 144 cores configurations. Keep in mind that out of the box, a user can
use up to 8 cores local/cloud compute without any extra costs.

While the simulation is running, feedback is given on the status of the analysis case and the
solver progress You can also monitor the solver convergence through the plots and the iterations

Diagnostic files created behind the scenes. They can be accessed during the simulation as well as
after the simulation to look at statistics such as run times, problem size, warnings, errors etc.
Typically these can be great to analyze and troubleshoot issues you may run into with a particular

7. Results

Once the analysis is completed, several key results, both visual and XY plots can be reviewed to
understand the design performance for a given physics.

In the static case, we will review von-Mises stress, Displacements and Probing the tool tip areas
for displacements. Post processing tools such as animation of the results provides immediate visual
feedback on deformation behaviour and if that is acceptable.

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Analysis #FEA #BEACON

Introduction to Structural Designer Role (SRD)

Try out these easy-to-use Simulation Solution and improve product performance.

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AUTHOR: Shivkant Tilekar, Sr. Application Engineer - Simulation

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